Friday, July 21, 2023

Recommended for international travel in Switzerland: "Traverlers Wifi"

(Note: I have no affiliation with "Travelers Wifi," nor is this a paid post. I'm just a fan!)

My family and I were fortunate enough to be able to spent the past sixteen days traveling abroad in Switzerland. To cover us while there, our current cell provider, AT&T, wanted US $10 per person per day. For just one person, that of course would work out to $160; for the four of us with cell phones, we'd have gotten hit for $640. Eek!

My wife Melissa, an excellent hobbyist travel planner, researched, and landed on Travelers Wifi as the solution. It's a cell-phone-sized device that provides cellular connectivity in Switzerland (specifically that one country), and allows up to 5 client devices at a time to connect via Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

Travelers Wifi device

The device cost €5.90 (a little over US $6) per day. Quite the cost savings over the up-to-$40-daily that we would have been spending!

Bottom line: It worked great! 

The device connected with no issues and had good Internet speeds everywhere we went (Zurich, Lucerne, Lauterbrunnen and the Berner Oberland region, Vevey and environs, and Geneva). 

Our device was good for about eight hours of battery life on a full (overnight) charge. That's not quite a full day of adventures, but it was not to worry: We had come prepared with a few external battery packs with USB-A outputs; connecting one of those to the Travelers Wifi device was more than enough to get it through an entire day. I'd recommend being similarly prepared to back up the Travelers Wifi device with an external battery.

Pick-up of the device in Zurich was trivial; Travelers Wifi has a dedicated storefront in the Zurich airport in the public (outside of security) area, and they were able to look up our online reservation (made in advance, prior to our trip) and hand over the device with no issues.

Return of the device was similarly easy; although the Geneva airport (from which we were departing) has no Travelers Wifi storefront, it does have several of the yellow "Die Post" mailboxes. The Travelers Wifi comes with a "self-addressed stamped envelope"; we just put the device and it's included cable and wall charger into that envelope, and dropped the resultant thin package into a mailbox at the airport.

I'm happy to be able to cheerfully recommend Travelers Wifi to anyone traveling abroad in Switzerland!

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