Sunday, May 17, 2020

Review: Eufy Security Video Doorbell

This past November, I jumped on the trend of replacing my house's existing traditional doorbell with an Internet-enabled doorbell. The key reason for making the change was to solve the fact that I couldn't hear my home's doorbell chime at all while working in my basement home office, which was causing me to miss service appointments, deliveries, and visitors.

After some research, I decided to go with the Eufy Security Video Doorbell. I purchased it from Amazon on a Black Friday sale for US $108, discounted from the full sticker price of $160. (At the time of this post, Amazon is selling this doorbell for $136.)

The doorbell was easy to install. I'm only a very amateur electrician, but I was able to get it installed in place of my existing traditional doorbell with no problem. The doorbell comes with a high-quality set of instructions, in the form of both a short video served through the doorbell's companion smartphone app, and written instructions.

The doorbell's companion app works great for viewing recordings -- which are captured automatically when the doorbell detects a nearby person -- as well as for viewing a live video feed from the doorbell's camera.

The doorbell comes with a remote chime that plugs into a wall socket and plays a sound when someone rings the doorbell. A ring of the doorbell also generates a push notification from the smartphone app.

Both my wife and I were able to create individual Eufy accounts and then associate those accounts with our new doorbell, such that we were both able to receive doorbell ring notifications and view video from the doorbell from our respective smartphones, without having to share a single set of credentials, which was a nice feature.

A major benefit of the Eufy doorbell is that there's no ongoing monthly cost to get its full functionality -- unlike competing devices, such as Amazon's market-leading Ring doorbell. All of the video storage is onboard the device itself, not in the cloud. You still view video recordings and the live video feed from the Eufy app your phone, but there's no cost associated with that capability.

Another major perk of the Eufy device relative to the Ring is the relative lack of privacy / surveillance concerns. If that's something that potentially concerns you, a Google search on terms like "ring police surveillance" is a good starting point for doing your own research.

The one major caveat as of the time of this writing is that the doorbell unit stopped working a few weeks ago. It went from working one day to being dead/unresponsive the next -- no visible lights on the doorbell unit, and no response to button presses. I turned off my power and checked the wiring connections on the unit, but the issue still persisted after I verified that the wiring was fine.

When I contacted Eufy Support about this, they promptly sent me out a new unit, free of charge, which worked fine when I hooked it up to replace the existing (dead) unit. Given this A+ level of support, I don't consider this problem a significant con -- provided this replacement unit manages to last for multiple years!

As of this writing, I highly recommend the Eufy Security Video Doorbell if you're in the market for replacing your home's traditional doorbell with a video doorbell.