Friday, September 03, 2021

New iOS app: Gong Sound

Would you like the ability to make your iPhone to emit a "gong" sound? Further, would you, ideally, like that gong sound to be accompanied by a low-fidelity, semi-realistic animation of an actual swinging gong? If so, then do I have the app for you!

Introducing Gong Sound, available for free on Apple's App Store!

Amazing features

  • On a tap, the app emits a "GONG!" sound! Wow!
  • The gong swings back and forth -- in a physics-approximating, 7-frame animation! -- for a few seconds after being tapped!
  • iPad support!
  • Supports landscape (device held sideways) mode!
  • High score counter! (With classic-arcade-like non-persistence!)
  • No ads! No in-app purchases! No data harvesting! No review nags! No network connectivity used or required! 
  • FREE!

Wait... so it's just a gong app?

Yep. 🙂 The Gong Sound app is just a "toy" project. I got the code written, and the art and sound assets adapted, for the initial 1.0 version in all of a couple of hours. (As compared to the dozens of hours that I spent on Desktop Journey, or the hundreds spent making Vigil RPG!)

At my company, teams strike a gong that we have in the office as (part of) a celebration of notable achievements.  In these days of remote work, I figured: Why not give folks an easy way to "gong" from home which sounds better than banging pots and pans together, and isn't likely to play an ad instead of the desired sound effect when the "Play" button is pressed. 

(And doesn't violate any of the items in that second-to-last bulleted list item above, in the fashion of most existing similar apps on the App Store.)

Gong Sound is a free download on iOS devices, so if you're reading this post on your iPhone: Share and Enjoy!