Friday, September 11, 2015

New command-line utility: crel - Clipboard Remove Empty Lines

After repeatedly being frustrated by a situation where an extra blank line was inserted between every other line when copying data from a particular program to the clipboard, I decided to write my own workaround.  “crel” (“Clipboard Remove Empty Lines”) is a simple command-line utility for Windows that removes any empty/blank lines from the text data currently on the clipboard (if there is any).

crel screen capture

Now (after putting crel.exe in a folder on my PATH), when I copy text data to the clipboard where I know spurious empty lines are present, I can type Windows key, crel, Enter, and they’re gone.

If this is something that would be useful to you, you can get it here: crel.exe v1.0.0 (4k)

crel is also available from my Windows Utilities page.

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