Monday, April 15, 2013

ATG 10.1.2–“FileNotFound” error using Endeca search from an InvokeAssembler droplet


In Oracle ATG Commerce 10.1.2, a JSP page in my project failing to properly retrieve results from Endeca Guided Search.  (The application is not using Endeca Experience Manager).  The following error appeared in the ATG application log file:

**** Error      Mon Apr 15 09:55:55 EDT 2013    1366034155171   /atg/endeca/assembler/droplet/InvokeAssembler   A problem occurred assembling the content for content item /services/guidedsearch. The response received was {contentUri=/services/guidedsearch, @type=ContentInclude, @error=FileNotFound}. Servicing the error open parameter.


The problem turned out to be not a missing file, but that some of the Endeca-related ATG components were misconfigured.  We resolved the problem by making sure that the following ATG component properties had correct values:


  • baseApplicationName
  • defaultApplicationName
  • keyToApplicationName
  • defaultLanguageForApplications
  • workbenchHostName
  • workbenchPort


  • defaultMdexHostName
  • defaultMdexPort


  • serverPort


  • experienceManager

Update August 7, 2013

My team today encountered this "FileNotFound" error again when setting up a new environment. Even after verifying the ATG configuration was 100% correct, the problem persisted. The Endeca JSP Reference Application ("orange application") also returned search results successfully, which demonstrated that the Endeca MDEX server cluster was working ok.

The fix turned out being that the script located at endeca/apps/appname/control needed to be run. After running that script and having it report successful completion, ATG immediately starting being able to retrieve search results from Endeca successfully (no service restarts needed).

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