Friday, August 26, 2011

Firefox: The case of the corrupted cursor

At work, I recently had the chance to upgrade to a new development laptop PC, a Thinkpad T520 running Windows 7.  The machine is excellent, with one weird exception: In Firefox (and only in Firefox), when keying in text into a text entry field in a web page or into the browser address bar, the caret (i.e. the text entry cursor) would sometimes appear to be “distorted” or “corrupted” – that is, some “garbage” pixels would appear around the caret whenever I moved it (either by typing in a character, or by using the arrow keys). 

Problem Details

The problem is hard to explain, so here’s a screen capture of a particularly severe example that occurred when I was entering text into a textarea.  The caret in this cropped screen shot is between the “2” and “5” in “8/25/2011”; note all the other weird stray black and white marks in the text.  (I added the red oval to the screen capture to show the area in which the “corruption” was appearing.

firefox caret garbage - crop

After waiting a little less than a second without moving the caret, the problem would go away – the “corruption” would disappear from the display.  However, the problem would come right back upon moving the caret again.

The caret itself would also sometimes not appear until the “corruption” went away, which made text editing surprisingly difficult – a frustrating problem.


The problem would only occur in Firefox, not in other browsers such as Internet Explorer 9, or in any other applications I tried (such as Eclipse, Word, and Notepad).

Experimenting, I found that the problem would not occur when Firefox was started in Safe Mode (via Firefox menu | Help menu | Restart with Add-ons Disabled).  However, I tried running Firefox in normal mode with all extensions and add-ons manually disabled, and that didn’t help.  I tried setting up a new Firefox user profile, and that didn’t help either.

I also noticed that beyond the issues with the caret, the actual rendering/shape of letter character glyphs being typed into Firefox was affected.  The  characters themselves appeared “wrong” when Firefox was running in normal mode, but they appeared normally with Firefox in safe mode.  Here are two cropped screen shots I took of a bunch of “f” characters being entered in to the address bar, the first in normal mode, the latter in safe mode:

firefox address bar standard

firefox address bar safe mode

Here’s a zoomed-in view (again, normal mode first, then safe mode):



Note that in the former image (Firefox normal mode), the “f” glyphs do not appear the same as one another and have some faint red/yellow/blue/green aliasing (blurring), whereas in the latter screen capture (Firefox safe mode) each “f” glyph is identical and has no aliasing (look at the unzoomed image).

At this point I was suspicious of some kind of issue with my video card.  The normal first course of action with a suspected video card behavior issue would be to update video card drivers.  When I checked, though, I found that I was already running the latest drivers for my video card (an NVidia NVS 4200M).

Google was initially no help; all the searches that I tried for terms like “firefox cursor corruption” or “firefox caret appearance” resulted in pages talking about the Firefox caret navigation feature (F7 key), which was not the issue here.


I hit upon the solution when I changed angles of attack and Googled for “firefox safe mode”.  The first result was a Firefox help article describing safe mode, which linked to a Mozillazine knowledge base article with more details on Firefox safe mode. That article in turn had a list of about a dozen bug repots related to safe mode, one of which was Bug 591139 - Disable hardware acceleration in safe mode. Aha – that sounded like a video-related issue!  Reading through that ticket, I learned that starting in Firefox 4, a feature called “hardware acceleration” (with which I was previously unfamiliar) is disabled when Firefox is in safe mode.

Hitting up Google once more, this time for “firefox disable hardware acceleration,” I was led to a setting in the Firefox options menu: Firefox menu | Options | Advanced | General tab | Use hardware acceleration when available

I unchecked that setting, restarted Firefox, and that did it – the problems with the caret corruption/garbage and the malformed character glyphs no longer occurred!

So apparently Firefox has an on-by-default feature where it uses hardware acceleration, presumably from the local PC’s video card, further presumably to improve its performance and/or ease load on the primary CPU.  However, having disabled this setting, I haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in performance.

I don’t know who is to blame for this issue – bad video driver, bad video hardware, Firefox itself, some combination of those, or something else entirely – but for the time being, I’m just satisfied that the issue is resolved for me!

I hope this saves some frustration and/or troubleshooting time for anyone else experiencing this odd issue!

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  1. Nice One! - this has been bothering me for quite a while too. I disabled hardware acceleration and the problem has gone away in gmail at least. However I'm still getting cursor corruption as I type this comment...


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