Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fix: Attempt to log in to delicious.com is ignored

I was recently having an issue on both my home and work machines where I couldn’t log in to my delicious.com (formerly del.icio.us) account via Firefox.  After entering my login credentials, I would be redirected back to the page where I was before, but the site would still show me as being an anonymous user, rather than showing me as logged in as expected.

If I entered invalid credentials, the login page would give me an “invalid credentials”-type error as normal.

I could log into delicious.com ok using other browsers (I tried it in Internet Explorer 9).

The fix was to clear all of my delicious.com cookies from Firefox.  In Firefox 5, I did this as follows: Tools menu | Options | Privacy | remove individual cookies, selecting all of the delicious.com cookies (I had about 8), and clicking Remove Cookies.

After doing this, I could log into delicious.com normally.

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