Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ccc (Clipboard Character Count) v1.0.2 Released

I just posted a small update to my ccc (“Clipboard Character Count”) utility.

ccc is a simple command-line utility for Windows that I originally wrote back in 2006, which returns the count of characters currently present on the system clipboard.  (Useful these days to quickly see if a thought you’ve jotted down will fit in an SMS message or twitter update.)

In this update, ccc now looks for HTML table data present on the clipboard (i.e. content copied to the clipboard from a table on a web page); if present, ccc additionally reports the number of rows present in the copied portion of the table (based on the count of <tr> tags present in the copied data). This is a slightly faster way to get a count of the number of rows in an HTML table than pasting the content into a fresh Excel sheet and looking at the row number of the bottom row of data.

Share and Enjoy: ccc 1.0.2 (4k).  You can also get it on my Windows utilities page.

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  1. Hi Jon. Thank you for CCC. I just found it on the Web because I have been looking for a program that will count the characters in the clipboard. Most of the programs that I have found don't work, are infected, or contain some ad-ware/malware. If you ever put ccc as a context - sensitive (right click) menu item, that would be awesome. Thanks.


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