Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bounds Test v2.1.0 Released

A new point release of my “on-screen ruler” utility for Windows, Bounds Test, is now available. 

Bounds Test displays a semi-transparent window on your screen which can be resized, and shows at all times its own current size.  This is useful to:

  • Determine how much of a particular web page or other application page a user running at a particular screen resolution (say, 1024x768) would be able to view without scrolling;
  • Quickly get a rough idea of the size in pixels of another window or other on-screen object.

Image: Bounds Test 2.1.0

Significant updates in this release:

  • Added an “Always On Top” feature (accessible from the right-click context menu).
  • Added a set of size preset buttons for widescreen resolutions.
  • Improved the draw algorithm, greatly reducing "flicker" of the tick marks along the edges as the window is being resized.
  • Increased the “drag area” of the edges of the form, making the form easier to resize.

Download it here: Bounds Test 2.1.0 (16k).  You can also always get the latest copy from my utilities page.  Enjoy!


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