Thursday, July 02, 2009

Installing m2eclipse in Eclipse 3.5

After newly installing Eclipse 3.5 (replacing my old Eclipse 3.3 install), when I tried to view a document with a Maven pom.xml file that I’d previously had open in my workspace, I got an error:

Could not open the editor: No editor descriptor for id org.maven.ide.eclipse.editor.MavenPomEditor

The fix was to install m2eclipse (the Maven plugin for Eclipse). I did this in Eclipse 3.5 as follows:

  • Help | Install New Software
  • In the "Install" dialog: click the Add button
  • In the "Add Site" dialog:
    • Name: m2eclipse
    • Location:
  • Click OK
  • Back in the "Install" dialog, in the "Add Site" dropdown, select: m2eclipse
  • Under "Maven Integration", I checked:
    • "Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required)"
    • "Maven POM Editor (Optional)"
    • "Maven POM XML Editor (Optional)"
  • Click Next, go through and complete the Install wizard.
  • When prompted, I restarted Eclipse.

That got my Maven POM editor up and running in Eclipse 3.5.