Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fix: Front Audio Panel doesn't work on Foxconn P45A-S Motherboard

After recently building my new PC, one of the few problems I had is that the front audio connection on the PC wasn't working.  The PC case (a XION II XON-101) included an audio jack on the front panel of the case, and the motherboard (a Foxconn P45A-series) supported that front audio connection, but when I would plug in headphones to the front audio jack, nothing would happen; sound would continue playing through the speakers (connected via the PC's back panel audio jack), and no sound would come through the speakers connected to the front audio jack.

I opened up the case and double-checked that the audio cables from the front panel of the case were properly connected to the motherboard, but everything appeared to be fine.

After some Google searching, I ended up finding the clue to the solution in a post near the bottom of this forum thread: A manufacturer-specific audio driver needed to be installed, instead of the default Microsoft driver provided with Vista. 

Checking my motherboard manual, I found that the onboard audio was provided by Realtek. I downloaded the Realtek audio driver from the Foxconn support site, installed it, and the problem was solved!  Audio now plays properly through the headphones when headphones are plugged into the front audio jack.


  1. omg this is doing my head in... still cant get it to work after following advice and installing drivers

  2. Another problem you may have is that your sound card may be "HD ac'97" (IFPA - Intel front panel audio) which is 5.1 channel, and your front panel maye be "ac'97" 2.1 channel

  3. See below page


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