Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Excel tip: Shift+F2 = Edit Cell Comment

A quick tip for Microsoft Excel that I've just found, and is currently making my life easier: Shift+F2 jumps to editing the cell comment (note / annotation) for the current cell.

This is a lot nicer than having to go over to the mouse and right-click on a cell, then choose "Edit Comment" (or "Insert Comment" in the case of a cell that doesn't have a comment yet) from the context menu when doing heavy editing work on an Excel sheet.

This works in Excel 2003; it might also work in other Excel versions as well.

Bonus tip: F2 alone (without holding Shift) edits the existing value in the current cell.  This is another time-saver that allows you to edit the value in a cell without having to move over to the mouse. 

The use of F2 to mean "edit the current value" is a semi-standard that works in many other Windows applications as well.  For example, F2 in Windows Explorer begins editing the name of the selected file or folder (to allow the file or folder to be renamed).


  1. Good tip. Another tip I found useful is that you can move to the last value in a set of contiguous data by typing End-Key, Arrow-Key. That is, the end key followed by the down arrow will make the bottom-most cell in the column active (assuming there are no empty cells in between).

    Works going side-ways as well, and is useful for range selection.

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  3. Thanks for this post! I’ve already wasted an hour trying to solve this “problem”, but I won’t have to waste any more time now!!

  4. This works in Excel 2010 as well. Thanks for the tip!


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