Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fix: Altered Logitech mouse behavior in some apps

In a previous post on an issue with Logitech mouse sensitivity settings, I noted that I had an unresolved issue on my Windows XP machine, where the speed and acceleration settings for my Logitech MX500 mouse getting lost while Microsoft Virtual PC Console was the foreground (active) application.  (The sensitivity of the mouse would suddenly increase quite a bit, causing a corresponding increase in the speed of the mouse cursor.)  Since then, I've noticed the same issue occurring in a couple of other applications as well, including the JMS queue browser HermesJMS, and the ThinkVantage Active Protection Windows Control Panel applet.

Today, I figured out the fix: In the Control Panel, in the Mouse applet, on the Motion tab, uncheck the "Disable acceleration in games" checkbox, then click OK.

Apparently the issue is caused by the Logitech software erroneously identifying the affected applications as games, and disabling the custom mouse speed/sensitivity and acceleration settings while those applications are active.

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