Monday, March 17, 2008

Utility of the day: Dropper

Have you ever wanted to know the specific color of something shown on your computer screen? Dropper by Brian Friesen is a lightweight Windows utility that will let you do just that. It will show you the color of any pixel on your screen, regardless of which running application the pixel is located in.

One limitation of Dropper is that it is an older application ("older" in this case meaning 2006!), and doesn't have multi-monitor support; it can only show the color of pixels in the primary monitor on multi-monitor systems.

You can download Dropper from its page on Brian's website.


  1. Here's a slightly more powerful option without the multi-monitor limitation:

  2. Jer, thanks the pointer! I tried out Colorpic. It's a lot more feature-rich, although it isn't as lightweight (as it requires an install rather than being a standalone .exe like Dropper).


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