Monday, December 03, 2007

Finding album art quickly

Here's a quick series of steps that can be taken to find album art for an album (music CD) to paste into Windows Media Player or iTunes:
  • Open up Google Image Search. (Follow that link, or go to the main homepage and click the "Images" link there.)
  • From Google Image Search, search on the album name. (If the album name is something generic, try entering both the album and artist name in the search field.)
  • Click on one of the image results where the image size is a square and isn't tiny (e.g. 200x200).
  • If the image isn't immediately visible on the page that comes up (or even before the page finishes loading, if you don't want to wait), click the "See full-size image" link that Google puts at the top of the page.
  • Right-click the image and select the Copy option from the context menu that appears to put the image on your clipboard.
I found these steps useful when setting up my small music library in iTunes for the first time recently, having purchased my first iPod. These steps worked for even some of the non-mainstream CDs in my collection, such as Michigan Marching Band CDs and Black Mages CDs.

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