Sunday, October 21, 2007

Firefox now using colloquialisms?

I just restarted Firefox to install the patch, and got this dialog while Firefox was updating: Progress dialog with text: Firefox is installing your updates and will install in a few

So the Firefox devs are using colloquialisms when displaying messages now? :-)

I imagine that the truncated text is probably a result one of my Windows display settings where I've set several system fonts to display at larger-than-default sizes. I just found the visible portion of the text, taken on its own, to be amusing.


  1. probably this bug which was fixed in the release you just updated to, so should not be a problem when you get your next update. (i think)

    - A

  2. That does look like the same bug I was seeing! Good to know it's been fixed. Thanks for the pointer, Asa.


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