Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PathFind.exe 2.0 released

I've updated my PathFind utility to version 2.0. PathFind.exe is a command-line utility which shows you all of the copies of a particular file that are present on your path (per the PATH environment variable). The functionality is similar to the which command for Unix/Linux.

PathFind.exe is useful to check which version of a particular program (such as ildasm.exe) will run when you run the program from the command line. (The first copy of the program present on the path will be the one that runs, assuming a copy of the program isn't also present in the current working directory.)

Version 2.0 of the utility supports use of the cmd.exe * and ? wildcards for searching. For example, pathfind java*.exe would return all instances of java.exe and javac.exe (among others) on the path, whereas pathfind ????? would return all files with 5-character filenames on the path.

2.0 continues to support automatic extension searching based on the PATHEXT environment variable when no "." character or wildcard characters are specified, so pathfind iisreset will show you where iisreset.exe is located.

You can download it directly from this link: PathFind 2.0 (5k). Requires the .Net Framework 2.0 or higher to be installed.

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