Monday, December 18, 2006

New Variable-Width Blog Template

I just updated this blog to use a new template. The main reason for the update was to get the content column of the blog (this column) to be variable-width. Thus, if you increase the size of your browser window, the text in this column should rearrange itself to take advantage of all of the available width.

Previously, the content column was fixed-width. In addition to not taking advantage of the full available width of large browser windows, the previous template also limited me to posting no wide non-wrapping items (in particular, images and code snippets); if such items were too wide, the template would break (and break rather spectacularly on IE!).

It took me a while to come up with HTML/CSS code that would work for what I wanted to do, given that IE (at least through version 6) does not support the min-width CSS style property. Eventually I came across this excellent page by Stu Nicholls which demonstrates a method of getting IE to emulate the min-width style property. (More details on the technique used available here.)

I took advantage of Stu's technique to put together this template, which (seems to!) behave properly in both IE 6 and Firefox 2: The right column is always a constant 270px, and the left column resizes dynamically to take advantage of the remaining available width of the browser window, but never shrinks below 400px or the width of the largest non-wrapping item in the column (whichever is greater). Thanks Stu!

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