Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

I was looking for a way to expand and collapse Visual Studio .NET regions, and found one today on Visual Studio Hacks; Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M (chord key combination) expands or collapses the current region. This works on both user-defined regions (from #region and #endregion) and on regions that the IDE itself defines, such as class/method XML comments.

Another Visual Studio .NET keyboard shortcut/feature (also appearing on the linked Visual Studio Hacks page) which I use a lot is Ctrl+Shift+V. Like the standard Ctrl+V supported by most apps, this does a Clipboard Paste, but if you continue to hold down Ctrl+Shift and press V again, the text that was just pasted is replaced with the next-most-recently Copied text. This feature is known as the Clipboard Ring.

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