Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fix: "ERROR: Names must not begin with a number" from caspol.exe

I ran into an error when using caspol.exe (a command-line tool provided with the .Net Framework that can be used to establish trust with a particular URL, among other things) to try and establish trust to a specific IP address:

ERROR: Names must not begin with a number

At first, I thought that caspol just couldn't be used to establish trust to an IP adddress (as opposed to a named server). However, the problem turned out to be that I was using the -name command line option to try give the new code group the same name as the IP address I was establishing trust with -- and this is what the error message was complaining about.

So the resolution is to either use a name that doesn't start with a numeric character, or to just leave the -name parameter off the command line entirely (which will result in an unnamed code group).

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