Saturday, February 11, 2006

New utilities for download

I just added a Utilities page to my homepage, offering for download a couple of general-purpose Windows utilities that I'd written previously.

The first is vdf ("Virtual Directory Find"). This command-line utility returns the physical path location of a specified IIS virtual directory on the local machine.

The other is BoundsTest, a GUI utility useful for obtaining rough measurements in pixels for the size and location of on-screen items.


  1. I think the "bounds test" utility is pretty cool! I always do a screen shot, paste to Photoshop, then measure there. This could come in handy!

    I do think you should make the actual size of the window bigger, or at top. It's hard to quickly glance and see how big you have dragged the window.

  2. Thanks, those are good suggestions! I'll post an updated version later (possibly tonight) with the current size of the app window displayed in the titlebar, and the size also highlighted somehow where it is displayed in the window itself.

  3. Very Cool. I downloaded it too. Jon - I think you're awesome! Love, Mom


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